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Our revamped Amsterdam Store by Barde + VanVoltt

It took a while, but we can finally proudly show it to all sneaker lovers in the world. Our splendor in the heart of Amsterdam has been transformed into a real life sneaker heaven. Just like our spot in Antwerp, Amsterdam has now also been revamped by interior studio Barde + VanVoltt.

We took the time to talk through their latest project!

Just a bit of background information for our readers: describe Barde + vanVoltt.
We’re Barde + vanVoltt – also known as Bart van Seggelen and Valérie Boerma. We’re fluent in space, stories, and design. We translate a personality, a need, a value, or an emotion and bring it into the physical world. We create unique spaces that express what you want, effortlessly and unexpectedly. We do this through form, colour, contrast, bespoke furniture, and a love for the brutalist aesthetic.

How did the relationship between you and Sneaker District come about?
Bart has been a familiar face since the early days of SD. First as customer and likeminded sneaker head and later as a rep. for a fashion brand, collaborating on in-house events. There has always been great chemistry between Bart and the people behind SD, which lead to our first project of designing the Antwerp store.

What are recurring details in your designs? How can you tell that this is Barde + vanVoltt?
Recurring details in our designs are grand gestures and story telling elements. For the Amsterdam store this started with designing the stairs connected to the storage room. We asked ourselves: How do we transform this original centrepiece into a statement piece. We designed perforated steel banisters that represent the mesh of a toebox, while the colour, a powder coated rusty-reddish tone, referring to the weathering of steel and to the wear and tear of your favourite pair of sneakers. Sidenote: the colour also matches the city’s distinct ‘Amsterdammertjes’ which are there to protect pedestrians.

Did you work with the same method as Antwerp store?
We yet again asked ourselves the question: How are sneakers made? This marked our design approach for the Amsterdam store. We rekindled our inspiration for Antwerp and mixed it up with Amsterdam’s pioneering spirit offering a savvy design solution for a whole lotta sneakers in a relatively limited space.

What are the differences between the two stores?
The difference between the two stores is the size and the amount of natural light that comes in. Amsterdam is a split-level store, with a very high ceiling upon entering. In order to get all the shoes on display we designed a unique sneaker carousel so that each model is accessible. In collaboration with the Technical University of Delft and Stalen Gasten, the interactive carousels were further developed. Visitors can literally wait their turn until “the one” comes within reach. These are set against a concrete wall and flanked by LED lighting that can be adjusted to any colour. They are also a smart offline equivalent of scrolling online in search of the next pair.

Which part of the new Amsterdam store are you most proud of?
We’re really proud, that we maintained the community driven store with its hangout status, even though everything else had changed. It was like getting rid of your favourite worn out pair of sneakers, with the worry of not finding a newer “better” model. With that thought mind, our mission was to redesign our favourite pair with a different look and the same or even better comfort. The new store is all about inspiring people and setting their senses alight.

How is this store different from other sneaker stores?
The tailor made design balances rich fabrics with raw materials, while the combination of the floating steel shelves with the wooden slats adds warmth and depth in a relatively small space. Besides that, who else has an interactive mechanical shoe display that fits over 50 pairs?

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