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Dress fresh with the new SD merchandise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Special times have come for everyone. This quarantine has each of us in its grip and everyone is looking for a way to keep themselves busy. In addition to working from home and social distancing, many people have found a way to keep in touch with friends in a special way on the World Wide Web.

Gaming is a real outlet. From a game of FIFA in a crowded room with your friends to an online firefight in COD. On March 20, the long-awaited Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out for Nintendo Switch and already sold 3 million copies within 3 weeks!

Creating a world of your own has never been more fun. Your friends come over to visit and steal all your fruits they don’t have yet. You blow everyone away with the perfect layout of a “sort of” uninhabited island. But your home should not miss the latest and most spectacular gadgets.

Sneaker District is a strong online player and if we mainly link ourselves to an online community, then why not in a game where we can get even more creative? Within our team, there are a number of fanatic players who have completely gone crazy in customizing clothing at Animal Crossing. That’s the fun part of the game. Your island must look top notch, but even the overhyped special Nikes you wanted can still be bought and hung on your wall – probably your AC style is even stronger than your Real Life collection! And we want to change that by introducing Sneaker Districts very own merchandise in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

We take you on a journey to your new Sneaker District clothing and accessories!

Beach day with the SD Tshirt Orange: MO-YF9D-FQ3N-T31S

Chilling at home wearing the:
SD Crewneck Small logo Pink: MO-DS18-65MP-HJ1G
SD Crewneck Small logo Grey: MO-WRYD-6VJK-6S7S

Preparing for a rainy day in the SD Parka Pink: MO-Y7KG-6T7G-Q5DB

Showing off the new sneaker collection wearing the:
SD Hoodie all over Pink: MO-DFG3-4XRQ-PVFB
SD Crewneck Big logo Black: MO-X0W2-HK94-NDGJ

Or go out fishing with friends!
SD Hoodie all over Black: MO-K3TQ-P9JR-M1QF
SD Crewneck Big logo Pink: MO-1Y87-PFVH-0Q0W

Are you eager to try on the new items? Then go to the Sisters Able clothing store in the game. When you arrive, use the Custom Designs Kiosk. With this feature, you can go online and search patterns by entering the Design ID. We can’t wait to see you all running around in our AC Sneaker District merchandise. Don’t forget to tag us when you share your new SD clothing on social media!


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