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Court Icons

Have you seen the good weather lately? We got nothing to complain about! If you are mainly working at home or are still learning indoors for your school exams, you will also pick up those sun rays faster. We already have a bit more “freedom” and room to move around, which means that your feet are ready for new fresh and clean kicks. Therefore we highlight these iconic models that come straight from the courts: these sneakers have clearly put their stamp on lifestyle and are staple shoes for the summer. Do you already have one of these old schools in your closet? Because you should!

The Reebok Club C has a long history of sporting tradition and made its debut on the tennis courts in 1985. In addition to the fact that the shoe has become a real fashion item, the shoe certainly has the optimal grip due to the rubber sole. Time for a sprint?

Reebok Club C Revenge
Style code: EF3084
Price: €100

Reebok Club C 85
Style code: BS7686
Price: €90

Reebok Club C 1985 TV
Style code: DV6434
Price: €100

The adidas Supercourt cannot be left out of the list either. This model is making a comeback as a new classic. How you say? With iconic elements from adidas tennis styles from the past 50 years, a new generation has been created. So you see, a newcomer who has learned from the old.

Adidas Supercourt Footwear White/Glow Pink
Style code: EF5925
Price: €100

Tennis shoes are very popular. So we have another one for you. This is the adidas Continental. Thanks to the retro look of indoor sports shoes from the early 80s, this shoe is full of nostalgia, a throwback to a good time.

Adidas Continental 80
Style code: G27706
Price: €100

And the real real icon is of course: the Stan Smith. People think it’s just a shoe, but it’s really human. Someone who has put down his footprints in the tennis world and managed to attach a sneaker to it. In 1971 this model shone on the tennis courts but now also as a real fashion icon on the streets in everyday life.

Adidas Stan Smith
Style code: EF6883
Price: €100